Industry meets science

The Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Delft University of Technology have an explicit orientation on the maritime industry. The cooperation with the maritime business community is intense, which is expressed in the plentiful joint research projects and programmes, thereby bringing together both business as well as technological perspectives. Scientists and students conduct research which contributes to solving global challenges, such as the transition towards a sustainable and smart port-city, maritime industry and inclusive society. Close cooperation between research, education, business and government are crucial elements for an innovative maritime ecosystem, which contributes to the overall competitiveness of the region.

At the IAME2021 Conference, we will organize an Academic-Industry interaction 'Where Industry and Science Meet' with the aim to maximize knowledge crossovers between business and science. During the Academic-Industry interaction there will be interactive workshops in the various domains, bringing together multidisciplinary viewpoints from science and business on transition issues. The Academic-Industry interaction will result in articulating the transition roadmaps for the maritime industry, in creating insights by sharing views between academics and business leaders and in agenda-setting for future academic research