Special sessions

In synergy with the conference, several special sessions with specific topics that are relevant to IAME and the Conference's theme will be organized. You are kindly invited to consider organizing a special session. Requests and shorts abstracts can be sent to info@iame2021.org. Proposals for such special sessions are welcome and must include:

  • The overall aim of the session
  • Specific sub-topics to be included
  • Potential authors/contributors
  • Way of organizing discussion and interaction, possibly with industry involved

We already have a request for a couple of special sessions for which you can bring in contributions in the form of full papers or extended abstracts. Below you can find the links to the respective sessions. Some others are in process.

  1. Challenges in maritime education and training dealing with new fuels, new policies, automation, unmanned shipping and COVID-19
  2. City-Port Symbiosis
  3. Resilience and adaptability of maritime shipping, ports and supply chains to internal and external shocks
  4. Innovations to improve the efficiency of inland waterway transport
  5. AIS big data application: new perspectives on international trade and economics
  6. From port authorities to port development companies; implications for policy, governance and strategy research
  7. Collaboration and Coordination for Resilient and Decarbonized Maritime Transportation
  8. Sustainability Issues for the Decarbonization of Shipping Policies, Priorities, and Processes
  9. Advanced Regional Trans-Modalities
  10. Covid-19: A Global Catalyst of Maritime Digitalization?
  11. Cargo Port Choice and Cargo Port Demand by Users of Cargo Port Services