IX. Advanced Regional Trans-Modalities

Coping with emergencies and figuring out resilient approaches during and after the pandemic in the transport sector requires a deep commercial investigation incorporating possible trends of the sector. The overall aim of this special session is to bridge business insights with advanced technologies and data analytics, covering not only waterborne transport but also multi-modal, inter-modal and trans-modal transportation. During the pandemic, regional transport including various modes behaves beyond expectations. It provides a hint that multi-modal and advanced trans-modal transportation at the regional level might deserve deep research for the purpose of post-pandemic resilience globally, which fits the theme of the IAME 2021 'Accelerating Transitions'. Furthermore, trans-modal (as an updated version of multi-modal transport) might shed light on emerging technologies and innovations in the sector. The concept itself might also be amplified as the industry develops. We encourage contributors to examine and explore road, rail, air, and pipe connections with waterborne transport services, especially their performances at the regional level. Submissions investigating regional cargo flow fluctuations, global cargo flow dynamics during the pandemic, cargo tracking for different transport modes, vessel identification systems and train IDs are welcome for this special session. The special session also looks for topics including future-oriented technologies in multi-modal, inter-modal and trans-modal transportation, including but not limited to blockchain, platform, and other technologies. We would like to stress that not only using data analytics as advanced tools would be valuable, but also appropriately interpreting the results and providing useful insights for the post-pandemic resilience in the transport industry are appreciated.


Dr. Xiaoning Shi

University of Hamburg


Prof. Dr. Stefan Voß

University of Hamburg


Zhihong Jin 

Dalian Maritime University