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The Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Delft University of Technology have an explicit orientation on the maritime industry. The cooperation with the maritime business community is intense, which is expressed in the plentiful joint research projects and programmes, thereby bringing together both business as well as technological perspectives. Scientists and students conduct research that contributes to solving global challenges, such as the transition towards a sustainable and smart port-city, maritime industry and inclusive society. Close cooperation between research, education, business and government are crucial elements for an innovative maritime ecosystem, which contributes to the overall competitiveness of the region.

At the IAME2021 Conference, we will organize an Academic-Industry interaction 'Where Industry meets Science' with the aim to maximize knowledge crossovers between business and science. During the Academic-Industry interaction there will be interactive workshops in the various domains, bringing together multidisciplinary viewpoints from science and business on transition issues. The Academic-Industry interaction will result in articulating the transition roadmaps for the maritime industry, in creating insights by sharing views between academics and business leaders and in agenda-setting for future academic research.

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Autonomous shipping, moderated by Rudy Negenborn, TU Delft
The session "Autonomous Shipping" provides an overview of current challenges and multidisciplinary perspectives surrounding the development and future adaptation of smart and autonomous ships. Short presentations from:

Latest research developments
Vasso Reppa, TU Delft/RAS 
Smart Shipping Technology
Arne Lam, AVATAR project
Logistics perspectives
 Antoon van Collie, ZULU Associates
Market uptake opportunities
Marco Scholtens, SMASH

The short presentation are followed up by a panel discussion. This session is organized in cooperation with AVATAR. 

Digital logistics platforms, moderated by Lóri Tavasszy
Digitalization of information is driving many logistics innovations like the efficient matching of hinterland shipments with carriers, advanced business intelligence and the collaborative optimization of port call services. Many innovations work across organizations, where data sharing arrangements are not easily made. How do digital service providers see the future of platforms? We have invited 5 local game-changing companies to share their vision. Short presentations from:

Daan Meboer
Avishai Trabelsi
Bram van den Boom
Patrick Everts
Bart van Riessen

Followed by a discussion with the audience about main issues.

Innovations for zero emission shipping, moderated by Larissa van der Lugt
The session Innovations for Zero emission Shipping presents and discusses innovation that in various aspects works towards emission reduction in maritime shipping. A panel discussion will go into major challenges and conditions for successful implementation. Short presentations from:

Willem Dedden
Brent Kok
Bo Salet
Rik van Peperstraten
Zero Emission DredgingArjen de Jong

Followed by a panel discussion, with both scientists and innovators

Management games, moderated by Maurice Jansen and Ioanna Kourounioti
In the Serious Game Session we will demonstrate four serious games that deal with ongoing port, marine engineering and logistics issues.  You will have the opportunity to experience the four  games below developed to train students and professionals but also to raise awareness on challenges faced by port developers, logistics planners and marine engineers.

Each game will be explained at a round table with group demonstrations. Afterwards participants can play and test the games at the Innovation fair.

Virtual Reality / marine engineering  
Jeroen Pruyn
Port Constructor / port development  
Maurice Jansen (EUR) / Ioanna Kourounioti (TU Delft)
Freight booking / logistics
Anique Kuipers (TU Delft)
You've Got Freight! / synchromodality
Amber van Oel, Rob Swart

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