V. Sustainability Special Issue

Accelerating Sustainable Transitions in maritime and port's business

Maritime transport and port activities contribute significantly to climate change. The IAME conference focusses on accelerating transitions, which aligns very well with this topic and sustainability in general. Academics and policymakers argue that we need radical changes to stop climate change and to alter directions. Therefore, this special issue of Sustainability focusses on accelerating sustainable transitions in maritime transport and the port industry (with a focus on both maritime and hinterland transportation). In the contributions of the special issue, radical changes should be the focal point and the impact on improving sustainability should be very substantial!

Research subjects we particularly favour are:

  • Analyzing the impacts of sustainable innovations aimed at radically improving maritime shipping and the (inland) port industry
  • Strategies for the development and implementation of climate friendly energy systems
  • Modelling the impacts of transitions on the modal shift of hinterland transport
  • Policy strategies to stimulate the implementation of radical improvements
  • Cost and efficiency impacts analysis of the proposed transitions (sustainable innovations) on the maritime and port industries 

 Keywords:  sustainable transitions, innovations, maritime transport, port industry, inland ports

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Guest editors

Dr. Bart Wiegmans

TU Delft


Prof. Dr. Harry Geerlings

Erasmus University Rotterdam


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