Call for papers

The conference aim, theme and Call for Abstracts

The aim of the conference is to bring together experts in all aspects of ports and maritime research, from all parts of the world and to stimulate the exchange of new ideas, relevant insights and cutting-edge research results. This edition of the IAME yearly Conference is organized foremost as a physical conference but also as an online event. If the actual COVID-19 crisis allows us, participants can choose to come to Rotterdam to enjoy the full program, taking part in the conference's paper sessions, plenary events, specific discussions and the social events, or, to stay home and participate online in a dynamic and an attractive way. 

The theme of the conference is 'Accelerating Transitions'. In many ways, the transitions that the maritime industry faces, are part of wider systemic changes in the world economy. It is not a choice or an option, it is happening, unfolding and in many ways self-organizing. The challenge for the academic community is to stay on track with these transitions, facilitate accelerations where needed, but with one hand on the gear that allows for second-opinion, calibration and validation. That is what we want to bring to the core of this years' IAME conference while not leaving the more fundamental, structural and ever relevant research topics aside. 

We invite you to submit Structured Abstracts, with the aim to submit either a full paper or an extended abstract for the Conference on research relevant to the IAME network. Research papers or extended abstracts on actual themes or topics that are related to the major transitions in the ports and maritime industry are especially welcome.  Structured abstracts can be submitted here.

In order to give a presentation at the IAME 2021 Conference, you have the options of submitting either a full paper or an extended abstract. For both of the aforementioned options, it is necessary that an abstract not exceeding 300 words is submitted for review by the 14th of February 2021. The following options are thus available:

  • Submitting a full paper
    • Following acceptance of the abstract to be submitted by the 14th of February 2021, you can submit a full paper by June 1st 2021. These papers will go through a double-blind reviewing process and are eligible for prizes and for publication in journal special issues. The articles submitted in this track should be original and not yet published. 
  • Submitting an extended abstract
    • Following acceptance of the abstract to be submitted by the 14th of February 2021, you can submit an extended abstract by June 1st 2021. Those contributions will not go through a double blind review process and are not eligible for prizes and publication in journal special issues. Papers already published can be presented in this track. 

 Topics of interest (not exhaustive)

  • Port
    • Port governance
    • Port Economics and Management
    • Port Competitiveness
    • Port Performance
    • Terminal Operations
    • Adaptive Port Planning
    • Energy transition of port industry
    • Environment and Energy management
    • Arctic Shipping
    • Port-City Interface
    • Cyber Security in Ports
  • Shipping
    • Competition in liner shipping
    • Cruise shipping
    • Bulk Shipping
    • Ship finance
    • Alliances in shipping
    • Decarbonizing shipping
    • Sustainable shipping 
    • Autonomous shipping / Artificial intelligence
    • Network configuration in shipping
    • Digitisation of shipping
    • Cyber security in shipping
    • Alternative shipping fuels
    • Human Factor in Maritime Transport
  • Logistics
    • Hinterland Transport, Inland Waterways & Dry Ports
    • Transport Infrastructure & Corridors
    • Rail and Road transportation
    • Trade facilitation and customs compliance
    • Supply Chain Visibility
    • Blockchain / DLT in supply chains
    • Belt and Road Initiative
    • Operations Research & Quantitative Methods in Shipping