I. Challenges in maritime education and training: dealing with new fuels, new policies, automation, unmanned shipping and COVID-19

The education and training of maritime economics and logistics students are preparing students for an industry that is currently undergoing a rapid change. A transition to new fuels, unmanned, perhaps even autonomous ships might sail the oceans in the future and on top of that, a pandemic is forcing us to explore new ways to teach all of this remotely. To ensure that our students, and therewith the industry at large, are ready for the future, the advancements and knowledge gained in science need to find their way into the classrooms. This requires a review of courses and their content, but also the implementation of new equipment and approaches, as the current methods and tools are not flexible enough to train the students. This special issue aims to invite specialists from the maritime economics and related fields to share these advancements in their education or visions on professional training in this field to share their work with the scientific community.


Dr.ir. Jeroen Pruijn 

TU Delft


Alessio Tei 

University of Genova