VII. Collaboration and Coordination for Resilient and Decarbonized Maritime Transportation

Disruptive events (e.g., the supply chain interruption during the COVID-19 outbreak) and GHG emission regulations have set higher requirements for resilience and decarbonization initiatives such as the development of transportation systems for the collaborative use of fuel cell infrastructure. In the light of digitization and automation development, the potential of maritime research on collaborative and coordinated transportation to address these issues has considerably increased. This special session aims to attract submissions that develop innovative approaches for Automated Cooperative Systems (Vessel Trains and Platoons of Port Vehicles), Digital Platforms for Resource and Demand Sharing, Shared Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels such as Hydrogen, Collaborative Port and Hinterland Operations.


Dr. Frederik Schulte

Delft University of Technology 

Prof. Dr. Margaretha Gansterer 

University of Klagenfurt 

Prof. Dr. Rosa G. Gonzalez-Ramirez 

Universidad de Los Andes, Chile

Prof. Dr. Rudy. R. Negenborn 

Delft University of Technology